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No, seriously, we really, really love our community. And what do we love more? Helping people find the home they love in our hometown. 


We are local moms, friends and families who live and work along side each other to provide the best experience possible for our customers.

As part of our dedication to Dayton, we created "Giving Back", our pledge to contribute to the organizations that help Dayton thrive.  

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Guaranteed Buy Program

We found our dream home through a local builder, but to start the process, we had to have our home under contract. With the Guaranteed Buy option Elizabeth offered, we were able to go ahead and start the process of building our home. The guarantee made it easy and worry-free from having two mortgage payments!

Brandon and Nichole

The Guaranteed Buy Program is straight-forward and gives my customers peace of mind. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone!


Elizabeth is talented, fun, and easy to work with when it comes to selling and buying homes. She is fair, honest, and to the point: all qualities I admire in a business professional. Her past experience with Ryan Homes makes a her an excellent advisor for buyers who want to build for the first time.


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